Pineal Gland Decalcification with Iboga


Cleansing and detoxing the pineal gland is useful for those wishing to develop their connection to their soul and free will, and increasing their perception beyond their 5 main senses and engaging their 6th sense.

The Bwiti tribes in Equatorial West Africa have ceremoniously used Iboga for thousands of years to open their sight. Oral tradition from the Pygmies, the original founders of Iboga, go back to Ancient Egypt where some were captured and brought back north to Egypt as slaves. With them they brought this Sacred Wood, which the priests and royalty used for power while banning the slaves from using it, as it was freeing their minds. Bwiti Shamans continuously take Iboga over the course of their life. It is said the medicine drops to their feet and slowly grows up their body with continued use. Once the Iboga reaches the top of their head, the person is considered awakened.

iboga awakeningMost people in the Bwiti only undergo one Iboga initiation when they come of age around puberty, which allows them to face their fears and see their future. It is said through a proper iboga initiation, an initiate can see beyond space and time and even go to the beginning of time where they are quizzed by tribal elders on the holographic nature of reality. During the journey, you can see the truth for yourself, with your own eyes, and speak the truth out loud, which is a crucial part of the tradition.

The majority of Westerners have to go through a different route if they are called to work with Iboga. Often traumatized, exploited and weakened through chemicals such as fluoride and mercury, unethical advertising and subliminal messages, and living in a culture at odds with nature, Western people often need several smaller Iboga journeys and a more guided experience. This is because their body is toxic and needs to detox before the medicine can reach their brains, and also because of excess fear and programming which requires multiple doses to build up the strength for the full spiritual experience.

how to decalcify your pineal gland with ibogaWhen you experience iboga, you will actually feel your vibration increasing as well as be more sensitive to the vibration of all living things around you. A stronger psychic connection, sensitivity to energy, and improved clarity of sight are often reported.

We have dedicated an entire program to cleansing the pineal gland using powerful ingredients we have found through our own journeys of spiritual awakening.

Our 8 day Pineal Gland Detox (Third eye opening) program includes:

• a primary detox journey with Iboga
• a second,  guided journey with Iboga
• Eat freshly-grown turmeric and cacao which augments the detox.
• Third eye opening meditation techniques
• Language audit – reprogram your thinking
• Individual counseling and guidance
• A day at a volcanic hot springs
• A healing massage or acupuncture (your choice)
• A chakra opening, energy healing journey in the rainforest
• Supplemental treatments which may include Chlorella, Skate Liver oil, Magnesium, Atomidine (iodine) and Borax Decahydrate (boron) to augment decalcification and removal of fluoride from the body.
• 8 day menu rich in: Super foods, antioxidants, natural decalcifiers and purifiers, grown from Finca Luna’s biodynamic organic farm
• In addition there are other foods that will be incorporated to help decalcify and improve the function of the pineal gland, while detoxifying other parts of the body that are abundant and fresh in Costa Rica. They include fresh raw cacao, raw coconut oil, fresh turmeric, and natural detoxifying herbs.
•Access to a collection of ebooks, audio and video on various pineal gland activation techniques

iboga pineal detoxIt is important to note that the medicine works differently for each person. A spiritual experience does not happen for everyone and relies on a variety of factors including your current toxicity and calcification levels, your ability to trust and surrender, drugs and medications you are or have taken, and the healing your body needs which usually occurs first with the medicine before it focuses on your mental and spiritual connection. Performing a cleanse or detox before coming such as with Blessed Herbs can increase your chances of a less strenuous detox and a deeper experience during your Iboga journeys, but is not guaranteed. The medicine gives you what you need, now what you want, but often this turns out to be beyond our dreams.

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