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There might finally be a Natural Depersonalization Treatment and Possible Derealization Cure: Iboga, the african rootbark that already has dozens of patents for PTSD, depression, ADHD, and dementia.

Many people experience either complete or largely significant reversals of their DP/DR symptoms after two Iboga treatments over the course of 8-9 days. Depersonalization can either be caused by very early psychological trauma, triggered by an experience such as smoking pot or taking LSD, and often caused by mercury or Fluoride poisoning. Fluoride is unfortunately artificially added in the majority of water supplies in the United States and Canada a practice which started in Nazi ghettos and concentration camp to create a docile and lower-functioning public. In the shamanic world, a person with similar symptoms is simply referred to as needing a soul-retrieval. You don’t have to be spiritual to know that your soul, or consciousness, has been greatly diminished with depersonalization.

Chances are you are not able to move your consciousness to certain parts of your body, are not at all connected to your body, and cannot expand your consciousness to other people. This can cause problematic and artificial relationships based on subconscious programming and not through free will, something people with depersonalization unfortunately have very little of if at all. Iboga, a relatively unknown natural treatment for DP and DR, first detoxes your physical body of mercury, aluminum, fluoride, candida, and other toxins. By reshaping and resurfacing cellular receptor sites, Iboga can quickly clear cellular memory and help you reset your mind and body, giving you a relatively clean slate. For those that feel their energetic systems are quite off, an interesting article on how ibogaine, a main component of Iboga can help can be found here.

Several people have come to Iboga House for depersonalization disorder which accompanied their depression and anxiety issues. A young man of 24 who came in 2012 said that Iboga/Ibogaine helped them let go of illusions and that it was like he was under a spell that was instantly lifted. A lot of times we get wrapped up in beliefs that aren’t true and Iboga can shock your system back into place and fully connect you to the spirit world grid where imbalances are quickly realigned.

Some ways to help with depersonalization disorder is to regularly perform mind-silencing practices such as meditation, yoga, or exercise. Taking action despite feelings of powerlessness will help show you that you can in fact take control of your life. Often times people with depersonalization disorder had abusive parents or parents that babied them so much that they still believe they cannot do simple things on their own. Iboga has shown amazing benefits to those with PTSD and limiting beliefs and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about this if you are interested in more info on how Ibogaine and Iboga can help with depersonalization and derealization.


The most powerful way to treat depersonalization in a natural way without drugs is to become your own witness. Usually to do this, you will need a properly functioning brain, and since your brain needs energy from your body, you will need sufficient nutrition and energy in your system. Many people take hundreds of supplements with little to no benefits. Supplements aren’t the key here but detoxing, which allow your own body to heal itself and actually absorb the nutrition from natural foods you put into it. Once you detox and your mind is clear, you can be your own witness, which is the end goal of Iboga. If you need help becoming your own witness, which basically means, letting go of the drama and negative thoughts (programming of the matrix) and embrace life and free will and follow your passion, Iboga treatment is a powerful way to do this while giving you deep insight into your condition and how to permanently free yourself and start having a relationship with life, which for many, will be a first.

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