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Iboga Love, offers shamanic healing retreats with the plant medicine Iboga at its roots.

We are dedicated to providing a unique approach to Iboga treatment by introducing a nurturing and integrated approach which strongly interweaves indigenous Iboga knowledge/practice with complementary therapies that work. Iboga is a powerful tool for all human kind that helps us to detox from toxins, release negative attachments and better connect with our soul. We nurture the believe that a spiritual path comes from within and not from any one groups ideals. We offer transformational retreats for individuals and small groups looking for personal development and spiritual awakening in a safe and supportive environment.

Iboga Love was founded by Julia Malone, former director of 4.5 years of the first ever shamanic healing and licensed Iboga detox clinic in the world.

All treatments and ceremonies are guided in a shamanic way by experienced Iboga providers.

tabernanthe-iboga plant-what is Iboga sm

 Retreats are being offered in Canada now until end of 2015.

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Our programs includes:

1. Iboga Detox Cleanse to purify your body back to it’s alignment state with nature.

2. Spiritual Journey to cleanse your  soul and free your mind.

Once we help you reset then we begin introducing other therapies such as yoga and massage helping you to properly integrate your experience. In addition, our staff can also provide life coaching sessions, counseling, and core value review for each of our guests. We offer medical staff for your safety and comfort. 

The roots of our center is based on the use of the most powerful detox / spiritual exploration plant medicine in the world. The offerings of the Iboga tree are the true embodiment and realization of the good things the Creator has provided for human beings; its teachings are a path to love, honesty, respect, courage, patience, wisdom, compassion, generosity and humility and many other wonderful gifts including health, wellbeing and spiritual vitality.  The program is delivered with care and within an organized, safe and sacred ceremony . The republic of Gabon has declared the sacred Iboga tree its national treasure and the tribal people respect it as a wise and loving teacher. We feel very blessed to be chosen ambassadors helping this plant on it’s path around the word to help humankind.

Iboga can  help you too push past your blocks by letting go of the past and putting you right where you need to be – physically, mentally and spiritually.  If you have been meditating or experimenting with different practices but  feel like you want to go deeper…then this could also be for you. 

Be the change you wish to see for the world….Iboga is here to help humanity and it all starts with you.

We offer efficient tools and knowledge straight from indigenous traditions in Gabon, Africa to help you free yourself form your past programming and redesign your life so you are open to receiving the unlimited amount gifts that are already coming your way. How much you can evolve in these retreats  depends on your level of commitment and your ability to surrender because you will discover with the help of Iboga that your own limitations and attachments are the only things holding you back.  

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